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  • Why We Teach Piano

    Passion. For generations the piano was at the heart of culture. During the 1920’s, there was a piano in forty percent of American homes. Now there is a piano in five percent of American homes! Our ambition is to rekindle the passion our culture once enjoyed in making music. We hope to accomplish this one student at a time.


Inspiration. Our teachers love to teach. The love of teaching brings a wealth of attributes: enthusiasm, encouragement, the ability to listen and a genuine desire to connect—for the sake of discovering what inspires the student. We seek all of these qualities in the teachers we recommend. All of our teachers are screened extensively and have excellent reputations in the teaching community. We have included a detailed profile of every teacher, to give you a sense of which teacher might be right for you. Finding the right match is an important key to your enjoyment of the piano over a lifetime, which is our goal.

Perfect Match

Compatibility is crucial. Every teacher has unique strengths and talents, and every student has unique dreams and desires. When these qualities align, inspirational learning happens. Why We Teach Piano is all about finding the right match between students and teachers, and creating students who love the piano and play it forever.

Safe Environment

We take your safety seriously. All of our teachers have undergone background checks, so you don't have to worry about anything but the music.

Motivating Lessons

We believe that great teachers also should be great pianists. A teacher's ability to demonstrate with mastery and passion, with the goal of inspiring the student, is crucial for success in the learning process. Our talented teachers can play what they teach, providing students the tangible motivation they need to persevere and succeed.


Whether teaching classical, jazz or pop, all of our teachers are highly-educated, and have solid professional careers in music.

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We are passionate about finding the right matches between piano teachers and students. Our mission is to create students who love the piano, and play it forever.

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Chemistry is Everything

The Best Way To Find The Right Piano Teacher

If this is the first time you’ve explored finding a piano teacher for yourself or your child, searching online can be daunting—there are loads of teachers, and most teachers present themselves as qualified, although you know they may not be.



Lesson Options: Personal Or Online

Which Is Best For You?

Learning to play the piano is like learning to speak a language, but it reaches further. In learning piano you gain an entirely new vocabulary of sound that transcends all language barriers. It has no limit.

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Choosing The Right Piano Teacher

Choosing the right piano teacher for you or your child is an important, and sometimes daunting, process. Please feel free to download a copy of our article, “Choosing The Right Piano Teacher.” We hope this will be helpful to you.

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